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Disabled man makes a Miraculous Recovery

There was me thinking that nothing much was happening today and I decided to have a quick check of a few newspaper sites before bed and guess what. Fantastic news!

A 63 year old man who has had to claim Disability Living Allowance for quite a few years as he was virtually unable to walk, needed help getting in and out of bed, help to go to the toilet and even needed help cutting up his meat has made a miraculous recovery. He is now so well he is able to play bowls for his local bowls club in Accrington, Lancashire.

The Department of Work and Pensions have gone and prosecuted him. How mean. Shouldn’t they be celebrating his recovery? Shouldn’t we all be rejoicing and singing praise to the miracle of this man’s fantastic transition from being severely disabled to being able to play sport?

I don’t think so. I happen to agree with them as my tax money is going to pay for false claims like he has made. The guy is now on bail awaiting sentence at Burnley Crown Court in September. I hope he is made to pay it ALL back otherwise it will show that crime does pay. The Department of Work and Pensions should also submit a claim for full costs. I would imaging they would be rather extensive. Even if they came to £50,000, well if that is what it has cost to prove this man has been breaking the law then he should have to pay it. It is not our fault that this money has been spent proving he was doing something wrong, it’s his. If they recover the money he has fraudulently claimed but do not cover the costs, then taxpayers are still out of pocket.

And in the future – should he get any benefits?



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