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Police and Tasers

Well I’ve read the papers for most of the day and not found a great deal to get my anger up. One story that did catch my eye was the Police have been getting their Tasers out again.

Apparently a gentleman on a plane from London to Belfast was very unhappy that he had been asked to put his “Man Bag” inside another bag so he did not go against the airlines strict policy on one item of hand luggage. Well he didn’t want to do that and an argument happened and eventually the police turned up and he argued with them and more police turned up and there was still an argument going on.

In the end the police used their Tasers on him. 3 or 4 police officers probably all armed with Tasers and 1 man who was upset, apparently very upset. But it still doesn’t excuse the police using their Tasers on him. 3 or 4 police officers against one man. I remember back to the good old days of my youth. 1 police office was usually enough to deal with a miscreant, 2 at the most. What do they do these days? They arrive in force and then get their pretend guns out and shoot you. In the good old days they used to carry truncheons. They were enough to deal with most people, not pretend guns.



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