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Government to shut down Small Business

Well I have been out for the day and not yet had the chance to read all the papers. However, I did catch a quick glimpse of one in a coffee shop and was interested to see that the Government appear to be planning to shut down pubs, off licences, Indian and Chinese restaurants if they employ illegal immigrants. I don’t really have a problem with this as I do not feel any business should be employing people illegally. There is tax not paid, National Insurance and so on.

My main problem with what they are planning to do is why pick on these areas. What about a pizza restaurant and so on. And why pick on small businesses. Why is there a difference in dealing with a small business as opposed to a large business? What’s the difference? If you are employing someone illegally, then you are employing someone illegally, whether you are employing 2 people, 200 people or 2,000 people you are still doing something illegal.

I seem to remember, (although I could be wrong),  that a few years ago a Government Minister resigned as it was found that his cleaner was an illegal immigrant. Should the Government have been closed down on the spot as one of its main people was employing someone illegally? No, it would never happen, so why pick on the little people. That is something that Governments always seem to do though. They go after the little fish rather than the big ones. All I would like is fairness. When you apply fairness then 2 people or 2,000 people doesn’t make any difference.



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