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Corbyn backs Buy British Steel

redcar steel

I see that Jeremy Corbyn has said that the British Government needs to make sure that we buy British steel for use in UK projects to help our failing steel industry. Well good for him. It is about time someone stood up and said something like this. He is finally talking common sense. It is pretty obvious to me that this is the type of thing our industry needs, and not just steel. Mr Corbyn has said that it is permitted for us to do this under EU rules. Sod them, what is wrong with supporting our own industry.

I remember a few years ago when we went looking for new trains that contract went to Germany (I think). As such we are closing our own rail stock manufacturing companies due to a lack of work. I bet they don’t do “other countries” when buying trains in Germany or France. Oh they will pay lip service to it but I bet they buy from their own manufacturers. We should just do that in the UK and not just the Government either. We should all try to buy British when we can and not just goods, but food as well.

The country is £1,500,000,000,000 in debt and this figure is rising all the time. I hate to think how much it has gone up in the few minutes it has taken to type these thoughts up. It will be more than I earn in a year. To get this figure down we need to look to our Government to start to back British industry but we also need to look to ourselves as well.

Photograph by Paul Buckingham, creativecommons.org



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