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EU Negotiations

New Negotiator found to help David Cameron with the EU Negotiations

Question Time

Well I have just watched Question Time on the BBC and there was a question about Jeremy Corbyn not showing enough respect by not bowing deeply enough at the Cenotaph last weekend.

I was at my local Cenotaph last Sunday morning and everyone who laid a wreath bowed, some more so than others but they all moved their heads as did Mr Corbyn so I don’t see what the problem is. He was there, he laid the wreath and he bowed his head. It may not have been as deep as other bows but he did it. I suppose some people would still have complained if he has prostrated himself on the ground. It wouldn’t have been enough for some.

He was there – he bowed, slightly, but he bowed.

Thats not what I wanted to talk about this week though. Getting back to Question Time, a member of the audience was invited to make a comment. He was wearing a yellow jacket, had long hair and had a hat on his head. I think it was a trilby. He was talking about ‘bowgate’ and Stig Abell, the Managing Editor of the Sun newspaper,  interrupted him and the guy just came back with “listen pal, I’m speaking, shut up” which put Mr Abell in his place.

I would like to propose that David Cameron gets this guy on his negotiating team for his forthcoming negotiations with the EU. It looked like the guy wouldn’t take any bullshit and was they type of person who would bang heads together to make people see sense and just get things sorted out.

I hope I meet him one day. I’d like to buy him a pint.



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