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Vote No or Yes or Maybe

I see that David Cameron has told his MP’s to ignore their local associations and back Europe by doing what’s in your heart rather than what might be advantageous this way or that way. In other words he is suggesting that his MP’s follow him and don’t follow the people who decided to “elect” their MP. The local associations are the people who decide who to put forward to elections to fight seats.

So Cameron is telling his MPs to ignore the people who matter. Do they matter? Of course they do. Again politicians are ignoring the voters and just working in the Westminster bubble wrap.

I have just made a typo there and put Westminster Bubble Warp and to be honest I think WARP fits a lot better than WRAP so I will go on to use this it fits you see as when politicians get into Westminster. they develop a warped sense of how to do and run things. They seem to forget that the people who put them there, the electorate, or you and me, matter anymore. They get this idea that they’ll do what they want and follow the party line and ignore their constituents and local associations. They’ll cosy up to the boss and try and get into the cabinet. Now Cameron is threatening his cabinet to follow him even though to polls are currently showing that more people are suggesting they would like to leave Europe than stay in. In other words- ignore the people who put us here and do what I say. We’ll be OK as there may be plenty of job opportunities once we continue in Europe. But this is not what the people want according to some polls, but then again most polls have to be taken with a pinch of salt as was shown at the last general election.

Getting back to the point I was making is that Cameron is saying vote with your heart and not necessarily the way the people who picked you as an MP would like you to vote. I think it’s a bit like do as I say and do as I do – or else.

I would urge all MP’s to do as David Cameron says and that is to vote with what’s in your heart and if that means voting to leave Europe then that is what you should do (because that is what your heart tells you), and not the way that Cameron is effectively ordering his MPs to do by not campaigning for the out campaign. If he is such a weak leader that he has to gag many of his MPs then maybe he should not be leader. I rather fancy Boris. He acts the buffoon but is highly intelligent. It would be good to have a world leader who acts a bit daft at times. Mind you, a lot of them do that but not intentionally.



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