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Business Rates Fiasco

Well I see that the business rate rise is starting to cause problems. No surprise there then. Like me I suspect that you thought something similar as well. The powers that be won’t read this blog of course. They never do read things like this.

My wife said to me the other day that the Government were going to have a look at the proposed business rate rise and see what they could do. Don’t they have a lot of highly paid civil servants who are paid to think about things like this before they announce them. You and me can work out what would happen. Rates would go up, especially in high streets as they are the expensive properties and vast factory warehouses located on the outskirts of towns and cities would probably not attract such high rates and in many cases rates would go down as seems to be happening. Well if you can work that out and I can as well,  what about the Government people. It appears they didn’t think of that one and are now desperately trying to save face and sort the cock up out.

I just think they should have thought about what could happen first or don’t they employ clever people. If they don’t, they should, and I would like to offer my services. I can talk a pile of shite as you may well have noticed, but sometimes I can think sensibly as well. (OK then occasionally). At other times, my thinking can go off at a tangent or even a bit like jumping off a cliff.

I should fit in well with the Government then.



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