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Soft Touch Britain Deserves Better

I have just read an article in a newspaper about an Albanian murderer finally being kicked out of Britain and that he has finally lost legal battles tying to avoid extradition. He claimed that there was no justice in Albania and yet this man gouged out the eyes of one of his victims, presumably before he was dead.  Does this man deserve justice? Make your own mind up on that one.

The article also states that the Home Office are seeking to strip him of his British citizenship. Don’t they know how? Highly paid Civil servants yet again who don’t know how to do their job. When this killer went, his British Citizenship should have been removed at the same time. There should not be any statement about looking at how to remove it, it should have been removed there and then. In fact, should it have ever been given in the first place.

Once again, soft touch Britain at its best, and yes, we taxpayers deserve better. Maybe, just maybe, things like this will get better after Brexit.



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