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The Brexit Negotiations

Well it is very interesting to read in the papers today that it appears that Britain has suggested that we pay 30 or 40 billion pounds to the EU so we can move on to talking about trade. That’s an awful lot of money and what will it get us. All it will do is move us on to the next stage of these negotiations which is to talk about trade. Once the financial penalty is settled for us daring to leave this club, (for what else can it be), we can move on. Or can we. I doubt when the EU has got the agreement that we are still going to pay to prop it up it will be too interested in talking about trade well at least not to our benefit.

The EU is out to punish us for having the gall to leave. I did start typing that sentence with Europe but I don’t think it is Europe, I think it’s the EU – a club of bureaucrats. We could be awkward and say well pay when we see the audited and signed off accounts but the EU cannot do that as the accounts haven’t been approved for something like 20 years as it would appear that so much of the money is wasted. We could say well pay when we have also worked out what assets we own, or partly own, in Europe but the EU don’t want us to have any assets as we are walking away from the club so we are not entitled to anything we have paid for. We could just say “Bollocks” but even though I like this suggestion I don’t think it is the sensible course of action.

I don’t have the answer of course but the EU are out to stuff us and Mrs May’s Government must be aware of this so they need to start doing something about it. What they should be doing is travelling the world and doing business with the 160 or so other countries that we can trade with. More importantly let’s start signing some trade deals sooner rather than later. The EU say we cannot do that as we are in they EU. My attitude to them is stuff them – they’re trying to stuff us. What are they going to do if we do sign trade deals – kick us out of their club. That’s already happening. I suppose there may be legal arguments as to why we cannot make trade deals. I don’t know enough about Law to know about this but if there is at least we can have treaties ready to be signed on the day we leave if there really is a legal reason why we cannot sign them earlier. There’s nothing to stop us negotiating them and doing so NOW. Sign them later. I blame most of this situation on Mr Cameron who was so sure we would not vote to leave he did nothing to prepare for it. The EU did, as they must know Britain better than we know ourselves. Well they would wouldn’t they are they are an army of bureaucrats and they are good at this sort of thing and planning for issues.

I’m losing the plot here and starting to ramble so what we need to do is go out to the rest of the world and do deals and we need to be doing it now. Get on with it. Don’t wait – do it now.



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