Life’s a pile of shite and then you die! This wonderful phrase goes back to my youth and we used it to indicate that you just have to get on with things as there is (often) very little you can do about the situation. I remember it being used a lot when I was at school and it has always stuck in my mind. Lifes a pile of shite.

I have set up this site to ease my blood pressure. I am fed up of shouting at the TV when watching news stories or reading the newspapers. I often wish I had bought one of the sponge bricks you can throw at your TV when listening to politicians spouting drivel or, whilst not telling lies, not telling things how they are. Have you noticed how our politicians don’t tend to answer questions. Why? Are they incapable of just coming out with a short, and to the point, answer to a question? I reckon that all politicians must have a chip inserted into their brains when elected that causes this to happen.

I tend to watch a lot of news programmes on the BBC which is supposed to be unbiased so this is a big source of my information and I also like to talk to a lots of people and get to hear their views as well. This is something politicians should do rather than listen to people in the Westminster bubble wrap. (I read this phrase in a newspaper last week and thought it fits perfectly).

I also read a cross section of newspapers from the Guardian to the Telegraph, and even, on occasions, the Sun and other quality newspapers. This is also where I get my information from and the views I express here may be mine or from other I have spoken to.

This blog is my attempt to circumnavigate the Politician chip. It is not an attempt to get at anyone or any company. If I say something that you are upset with get in touch and I’ll take it off here. I’m not trying to embarrass, defame or upset anyone or any company with my thoughts. Not too sure about the Government though. Power to the people and all that shite!

On a more positive note, the images in the header of the party logos are from Wikipedia. The copyright may be owned by the parties. I am more than happy to remove them if I get official requests. They are in order of the number of seats in Parliament and do not represent my political preferences. I think I would prefer the Monster Raving Loony Party as I doubt they would have caused me as much anxiety as the other parties have over the past couple of decades.



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