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Hunt to Impose New Contract on Doctors

I have not done any in-depth reading about the decision of the Health Secretary to impose a new working contract on Doctors so this is a comment from the heart rather than reading through a subject and making a sensible comment, (not that I am well known for sensible comments). I think this is a … Continue reading

Parliamentary Beer Subsidies

We are doing away with 1000 years of tradition, so say some MP’s after the decision to do away storing state documents on vellum. They are complaining that the Lords have decided that they should do this to save about £80,000 a year. They are saying things like if it wasn’t for vellum we wouldn’t … Continue reading

Junior Doctors Contract and the Government

Well I have just watched Question Time on the BBC and a couple of things caught my eye. Surprising enough they both came from the audience but they were both of sufficient common sense that I had to agree with them. The first came from a woman who said that she was a nurse, well … Continue reading