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New Negotiator found to help David Cameron with the EU Negotiations

Well I have just watched Question Time on the BBC and there was a question about Jeremy Corbyn not showing enough respect by not bowing deeply enough at the Cenotaph last weekend. I was at my local Cenotaph last Sunday morning and everyone who laid a wreath bowed, some more so than others but they … Continue reading

Cameron’s Demands from Europe

Well it would appear the David Cameron has finally made clear his demands from the EU. I have not researched them. Perhaps I should have, but I have watched the news on the TV and it looks like this is a summary of his demands, or should that be requests. The protection for countries outside … Continue reading

Corbyn backs Buy British Steel

I see that Jeremy Corbyn has said that the British Government needs to make sure that we buy British steel for use in UK projects to help our failing steel industry. Well good for him. It is about time someone stood up and said something like this. He is finally talking common sense. It is … Continue reading

The Labour Leadership Race

The election for the Labour leadership is drawing close. I did think about signing up to vote but I thought that would be unfair as although I have voted for them in the past, I don’t feel like voting for any major party. I don’t really care who wins as it is not the party … Continue reading