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Soft Touch Britain Deserves Better

I have just read an article in a newspaper about an Albanian murderer finally being kicked out of Britain and that he has finally lost legal battles tying to avoid extradition. He claimed that there was no justice in Albania and yet this man gouged out the eyes of one of his victims, presumably before … Continue reading

Cameron’s Demands from Europe

Well it would appear the David Cameron has finally made clear his demands from the EU. I have not researched them. Perhaps I should have, but I have watched the news on the TV and it looks like this is a summary of his demands, or should that be requests. The protection for countries outside … Continue reading

Junior Doctors Contract and the Government

Well I have just watched Question Time on the BBC and a couple of things caught my eye. Surprising enough they both came from the audience but they were both of sufficient common sense that I had to agree with them. The first came from a woman who said that she was a nurse, well … Continue reading

Government to shut down Small Business

Well I have been out for the day and not yet had the chance to read all the papers. However, I did catch a quick glimpse of one in a coffee shop and was interested to see that the Government appear to be planning to shut down pubs, off licences, Indian and Chinese restaurants if … Continue reading