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Human Rights Law – Is Wrong Again

Apparently Germany have decided to kick two people out of the country who were born there because of the terror links of these people.

They were suspected of planning to carry out terrorist attacks and were arrested over it but have never been brought to court as there wasn’t enough evidence that they were going to do something. Everyone thought they were going to do something and a gun and an IS flag were found in police raids but the proof wasn’t there.

This hasn’t stopped Germany planning to kick them out and ban them from ever returning. They reason that this can happen is that even though both men were born in Germany their parents are foreign. One set of parents is Nigerian and one is Algerian, or this could be one parent.

I don’t have a problem with kicking these people out of a county. If people want to cause harm to the country they live in why on earth do they want to live there if they don’t like it. On the other hand, if they want to cause harm to citizens of a country, why should citizens of that country want these people to be allowed to stay. Either way, I personally fully agree with this decision.

What I would like to ask our leaders and out politicians though, is why we cannot do the same in the UK.

Why do we seem to be unable to kick people out who wish us harm? It isn’t any good saying they were born here. Both these men were born in Germany yet they are being kicked out. Is it to do with human rights? Well I am sure that Germany has human rights laws just like we have. Is it because we are in the EU so must abide by their rules? Well the last time I looked Germany were not only in the EU but also a founding member of it. Is it because our law is different for Germany’s? Well change our law then.

Or is it that we are such a soft country when it comes to things like this that it is best to let them stay so their human rights are not infringed. At this point we need to remember that the human rights of people who could potentially be killed or maimed do not seem to matter, yet the human rights of potentially bad people do. If our politicians cannot solve this problem they should step aside and let others have a go at fixing the wrongness that sometimes seems to run through the core of our political society. Get some people in with the backbone to sort things out.



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