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The Westminster Bubble Warp

I have heard of the Westminster bubble and used the phrase Westminster bubble wrap but I think the Westminster bubble warp fits a lot letter. I discovered this phrase after a typo. It has nothing to do with Captain Kirk and Star Trek as I don’t think politicians can move that fast but what it signifies is the warped sense of everything that politicians seem to develop when they enter parliament, especially, it appears, expenses. If you do a search in a thesaurus for warp, the following words appear. This list is from Word which I am using to write this but the online version of the Oxford thesaurus gives a very similar list and I think these words fit politicians very aptly. I was going to say especially the last one but thinking about it, I think they all fit perfectly. Welcome to the world of politics.


I have just done a search on google for “Westminster bubble warp” and there are no entries for it so I guess I can lay claim to this phrase. I also tried the Westminster Warp and there were 7 entries but all seemed irrelevant ones in this context.

I also like the phrase Westminster Warp. Perhaps Politicians could try doing this as a dance at the start of Parliament. The phrase reminds me of the Time Warp dance from the Rocky Horror Show. Perhaps the Politicians could dress the part.

On second thoughts, perhaps not.



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